Voice Work and Cold Reading Technique

Mr. Lide is a graduate of the University of South Carolina (BA, English & Foreign Languages) and was a winner of the John Golden Scholarship to New York’s famed American Theatre Wing, from which he graduated in 1957, going directly into the CBS Radio daytime drama, The Right to Happiness.

After two seasons as an actor at the American Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, CT, he made his Broadway debut with Sir John Gielgud and Vivien Leigh in Checkov’s Ivanov, subsequently appearing several times on and off-Broadway, as well as touring with such luminaries as Katharine Hepburn, Peter Ustinov, Rosemary Harris and Eva LeGallienne. Over three decades he has appeared as a performer in all phases of the entertainment media, from daytime television drama to Regional Theatre engagements ranging from Northern-most Alaska to Southern Florida,  and from Maine to Southern California.

Proper EnglsihMr. Lide has contributed a chapter on Voice and Style acting in the theatre book titled ACTORS TALK: ABOUT STYLES OF ACTING (Northwood Press April 1989) in company with other chapter/interviews contributed by such performers as Jessica Tandy, Tony Randall, Beatrice Straight and Mildred Dunnock. As one of t he founding actor-members of IASTA (Institute For the Advanced Studies In The Theatre Arts), Mr. Lide worked with the leading foreign directors from all over the world, presenting foreign language classics in new English translations.  He has taught cold reading/audition technique, and voice/speech classes both privately and in special college seminars; and has given summer courses while appearing as a performing guest artist at such schools as Perdue University and St. Michael’s College, VT.


For young students interested in pursuing the profession

  • Introduction to show-business realities.
  • Work with students on monologues and brief scenes, demonstrating  a special cold-reading technique to be used at auditions.
  • Advice about the interview/audition process.
  • Exploring voice and diction, breath support and methods of increasing vocal skills, for would-be actors and non-actors alike. Valuable for public speakers in the corporate world.
  • What students really want to know: a question-and-answer session.