Jubileeby George Tabori

Directed by Manfred Bormann

The New York premiere of George Tabori’s ”Jubilee,” written to mark the 50th anniversary of Hitler’s takeover of Germany in 1933, opened on October 17, 2013 at the Theater for the New City.

“Director Manfred Borman has brought to New York a drama which has had success in Germany: JUBILEE by George Tabori. He has chosen superb actors and has had great success with them at the New City in Greenwich Village, New York.”

— Mario Fratti, A Leopardi la Scena, TEATRO

  •  Jeff Burchfield
  • Andrea Lynn Green
  • Cordis Heard
  • Miller Lide
  • Jason Martin
  • Kevin Milnes
  • G. W. Reed


Photography by Bob Knapp